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  1. People who are most concerned about racial and social issues are the least concerned about their own individual sin in their own individual lives.

    Dr. PS Ruckman

  2. Esther Lee says:

    Dr. Rah, I am in the process of reading your cultures book, and I like so far what you are saying about remembering the past of our culture to be able to move on to building our future heritage of the culture we belong to as a community.

  3. Esther Lee says:

    Hello Dr. Rah,
    Finished reading your second book, and I am touched by how you in a personal way relayed to us younger generation students how important people different from us in the church speaks to build the church in a new perspective and give it a new story with different cultural pasts. It not only helps them realize the difference in their heritage to give to another different heritage, but it give us Korean-Americans a different non-ethnocentric past to look at and how it effects our heritage. Thank you. Hope all is well with your family. God bless!

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