Praxis Podcast Interview Now Available

Posted: July 10, 2009 in next evangelicalism
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Praxis Podcast interview is now online. An interview with Aaron and DG on their Praxis Podcast. Check it out.


A quick note of explanation: In the last section of the interview Aaron and D.G. do a ten questions bit. For some reason, their first question threw me off: “What is your favorite word.” I hesitated then noticed a book on my desk by the David Claerbaut. I said: “Clairvoyant”. So I’m feeling stupid, because I said that clairvoyant was my favorite word. Now my mind is reeling and I flash to a Steve Coulbert episode where he says that his favorite word is Djibouti — because it’s hard to say that word without giggling. So when the next question is asked: “What is your least favorite word?”. I blurt out “booty” — thinking about Stephen Coulbert saying the word “Djibouti”. So now in a Christian podcast interview talking about my very serious book, The Next Evangelicalism, I’ve used the word booty. Nice going. If my faculty colleagues get a hold of this interview, my tenure application is sunk. 🙂


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