Hoping for direct dialogue today

Posted: November 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have heard indirectly, that Mike Foster will be engaging in a direct phone conversation with several Asian-Americans about ways to progress forward.  This is very good news.  As far as I know, this will be the first attempt by Mike Foster to engage in a direct dialogue with those who find the material problematic.  Please be in prayer for this conversation and for ensuing conversations.

  1. about time…thanks Soong-Chan for pushing the issue. If we can get folks to see the stereo-typing of Asians-perhaps there is hope for an awareness of stero-typing Native Americans.

    Randy Woodley

  2. jimmy says:

    Good News! I hope it is productive. Maybe he will see this is not a peripheral issue, but visceral to many people of color. I am o

  3. Richard says:

    I’ll be praying too. Any idea when the convo will happen and if we can listen in/be included?

  4. “About time”??? Isn’t it possible that not every issue can be resolved in the blogosphere in less than 48 hours? Instant communication can be a tool but it’s not an imperative, especially when sensitive issues need to be carefully considered and prayed about. Impulsive, off-the-cuff communication got this situation off to a bad start, so the least we can do now is wait on the movement of the Holy Spirit to bring fruitful dialogue and understanding. That’s not likely to be instantaneous.

    Praying for any and all discussions that are arising from this….

    • “About time” means several things at several levels to me-but none of which were meant to be interpreted in the way you did, which I have to admit I don’t fully uderstand. To me it means: “About time” in the sense of the dominant culture has been stereo-typing all people of different ethnic groups for hundreds of years and it’s “about time” someone started acknowleding this. It also means that stereotyping Asians, and others in the church has a history and it has been brought to various publisher’s attention for years, Remember “Rickshaw Rally?” and it’s “about time” Christians begin taking more responsibility for their cultural insensitivity.

      So, sorry for miscommunicating my thoughts. I forget how easily words on a blog can appear to mean something differently than the writer intends. I hope now you understand what I mean by “About time.”


      • Thanks so much for explaining further, Randy. No need for you to apologize — I obviously filtered your words through my own assumptions, inaccurately hearing impatience over the “slowness” of this two-day dialogue. (Do you hear stuff like that from people, like “I emailed you 10 minutes ago, why haven’t you replied yet?” It always make me laugh.) I get the broader context of your meaning now … and so I hope you’ll pardon the irrelevance of my comment.

  5. leahklug says:

    I’m trying to contact Zondervan as well. Perhaps you’ve already posted this info, but if we’d like to write, email, or call the publishers directly in protest, is there an address or phone number you have that works?


  6. profrah says:

    Yes, the phone conversation is scheduled to occur today. There will be a number of voices on the call. Prayers solicited.

  7. […] encouraging post at Soong-Chan’s blog this morning: I have heard indirectly, that Mike Foster will be engaging in […]

  8. Dan S. says:

    Dr. Rah,

    My support and prayers are with you. I will be praying for unity, charity, mutual respect and understanding.

    God will use this.

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