On the road . . .

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

So we found a renter for our place in Chicago and the adventure officially begins.  We leave tomorrow for nearly a month on the road before finally settling into Durham, NC for further studies at Duke for the upcoming academic year.  Our very prolonged travel schedule:

6/26 – Indianapolis, IN (just stopping through on our way to . . .)

6/27 – Chattanooga, TN (for some meetings)

6/28 – On our way to Durham with a quick stop for the kids.

6/29 – Chapel Hill and Durham, NC for apartment shopping

6/30 – To Bethany Beach, DE

7/1-2 – Bethany Beach for a family reunion

7/2-4 – Wedding in Gettysburgh, PA

7/5-10 – in Boston, MA (to see old friends)

7/10-16 – in Swanzey, MA (speaking at an Evangelical Covenant Church summer camp)

7/16-17 – in NY/NJ area (speaking at two ISAAC events, more details to come)

7/18-23 – Teaching a class in Hawaii (family in tow)

7/23-8/1 – REST (in Hawaii)

8/1-??? – Head towards Duke.
Our family will really end up loving each other or we’ll be at each other’s throats by the end of the first week.  Pray for us.

  1. You do realize that there is a shorter way to get from Chicago to Durham than going through Hawaii? I’m sure the family will do fine, and look forward to having you in this part of the country. I would love to chat with you during your stay at Duke, as I am on campus periodically. Duke folks like Mark Chaves, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, and others are doing interesting work on church and race. I hope you’ll maintain your blog presence while there at Duke, and look forward to your reflections. -Chuck

  2. Dan S. says:

    Where in Hawaii will be you be teaching the class?

    Some of us actually live here and might like to attend if it’s not too late.

  3. eric o says:

    Welcome to NC! Call me up if you visit Charlotte!

    Durham is a way cool town. Too cool for me. Uberhipster. But it might be a low key respite compared to Chicago…I think you’ll enjoy it!

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