A Couple of Nice Reviews

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

FROM:  Hearts and Minds Book Reviews

“Kudos to Moody Press for this very important book by one of the most important younger leaders/sholars within the evangelical church. You may know Soong-Chan’s previous, exceptional IVP book The Next Evangelicalism which put him on the map as an author to know. As one reviewer put it, Rah writes out of “experiential knowledge and with anthropological precision.” This fine and mature work allows us to seek ways to honor the presence of God in different cultures. Excellent and very highly recommended.”

ANOTHER nice review on the ooze website by Stephanie Smith.

  1. r mchugh says:

    now this is brilliant. your concerns are more that the last word was left with a majority (white) male. And I presume this took place in America? If it took place in Korea would the last word most likely go with a Korean person? Is it wrong that whites are the majority? what were the issues? why was it bad he had the last word? what did he say? what was wrong with what he said? why is it concerning that the white majority male had the last word? what are the odds it could have been a minority person? is it unlikely that a white person would be given the last word when the statistics would show that it would be more likely to be a “majority” because of the numerical difference in this country. when/ if whites become a minority, then you can complain about it. but right now it does not imply or have to mean prejudice in all circumstances. your thoughts and analysis leave out much. and you have jumped to the conclusion and whined about it that it was a majority white male like you got beat up by one when you were younger or something.

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