A miracle abortion strategy that has accomplished what?

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Let me say up front that I am pro-life, which is not a popular position right now. But I believe that the Scripture calls us to advocate for all life. However, I am deeply disappointed in those that are supposedly leading this charge in our common political life. And I am deeply disappointed in those of us who have bought into a miracle strategy that has disappointed us for the last thirty years. So I offer my take on the miracle strategy against abortion as offered by the religious right for the last thirty years.

Find a candidate for President who is pro-life. He must be a pure pro-life candidate who is singularly dedicated to overturning Roe vs. Wade or at least offer up the rhetoric that he would be dedicated to this task. He must not waver (from now on) in this one quest. We must ignore all other elements of the candidates’ policies and ignore numerous unbiblical aspects of his platform.

Get that candidate to win his party’s nomination. Even if (see above) you end up supporting unbiblical aspects of the candidates’ platform. Eventually we may actually like some of these policies.

Next, get that candidate to win the national election. Be sure to demonize the opposing party’s candidate by any means necessary to get your pro-life candidate elected. One potential side effect: we may end up supporting a campaign financing structure that completely destroys and undermines the democratic process.

Once that President is in office, wait for a death. Or more realistically, multiple deaths. We will need at least one, most likely two Supreme Court justices to die. And it has to be the right Supreme Court justices that die. Not one of the ones we like.

Bring the right nominee for the Supreme Court. He must be someone who is unequivocally pro-life and committed to overturning Roe v. Wade. At the same time, there can be no indication in any of his rulings that he is pro-life because that would derail his candidacy. Pray that he is an activist judge (i.e. – willing to change the law of the land from the bench on issues like abortion and health care) but at the same time a non-activist judge (unwilling to change the law of the land from the bench on issues regarding civil rights).

Wait for the right court case to come along that makes its way through the entire federal court system in a timely fashion, before the makeup of the court changes. So this time, we’re NOT praying for a death, at least not the death of one our judges. Be sure to elect the right President to a second term so that the court’s makeup doesn’t change again.

When the right court case comes along, pray that it is worded and framed in just the right way so that it is able to overturn Roe v. Wade. We must also pray that none of the justices have shifted in their thinking or that they may actually want to adjudicate the law rather than make the law. (Thanks a lot Justice Roberts for acting upon your judicial morals rather than politicking from the bench).

Make sure that Congress will not create any new laws that would undermine the SCOTUS decision. So now we must work in every state to insure that the right candidates get elected into office, even if that means we continue to tolerate unbiblical values in the government.

Essentially, this approach has been our strategy for the last thirty years. How has it worked so far?

  1. Professor Rah, did you see this article by Tom Friedman in the New York Times? Powerful stuff.


  2. profrah says:

    Very good article. What does it mean for evangelicals to be completely pro-life. Maybe we should learn from the Catholics here.

  3. hvanderbijl says:

    Yeah this is a tough one. Back in 2008 I realized that this strategy was not working, so I voted for Obama Even though I am prolife. This time.. I’m not so sure. It sure would be nice to have a full time job after 7 years of higher education.

  4. Sarah says:

    Thank you for your insights, Professor Rah. How would you recommend the evangelical right change their pro-life strategy?

  5. Denny Lee says:

    The political fight for the SCOTUS does not outlaw abortion. If Roe is overturned, the abortion fight goes back to the states and each state can pass whatever law its citizen/legislature decide. So the fight is to bring it back to the states and to allow people to vote on the issue. This is essentially what is happening in the gay marriage discussion/fight. President Obama can say he is for gay marriage but he does not have the power to legislate it for the US, it is up to each state to vote/decide.

    As for the state of the opinion on abortion, this is sort of interesting. In most polls, a majority thinks abortion is a bad thing due to new imaging technology that shows the mass of cells inside the woman is not just a “fetus” but a baby. It will take more time to convince people (unfortunately this includes many Christians) that it is so bad that it should not be done (not illegal but not done).

  6. […] this approach has been our strategy for the last 30 years. How has it worked so […]

  7. SKJAM! says:

    I think the “so what next” bit will be in an upcoming article (such things usually are), but some thoughts–emphasizing the “pro” rather than the “anti”, by supporting policies that mitigate quality of life and economic issues that force people to consider abortion as an option. This may require supporting candidates who aren’t ideologically pure on abortion, but generally have their hearts in the right place.

  8. Darryl says:

    What could the pro-life people do differently? Take a bottom-up approach to reform rather than a top-down approach. In other words, start convincing the voters that Roe v Wade needs to be overturned, because until you convince the voters of this need you won’t convince the legislators.

  9. Hi Soong-Chan and others–

    As I’ve struggled with this issue myself, I’ve found an organization which very much reflects my heart on this issue, per Steven’s question above about a new way forward. I look forward to blogging about it soon on my new blog, “Swearing Off Politics.”

    But in the meantime, let me introduce you to Caris, a Christian Chicago-based organization that has recently launched a campaign to reframe their work, and, hopefully, start a movement. They call it “Pro-Grace.” http://movement.caris.org/

    Soong-Chan, I’d love to introduce you to Angie Weszely personally. We’ve become fast friends.

    I hope you’ll all check them out.

    –Juanita Irizarry
    Swearing Off Politics:
    Reflections from a Political Junkie’s Sabbatical from Politics During an Election Year

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