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Check out the profrah youtube channel:  The latest series of video posts were taken at the Cornerstone Festival in July.  There are a series of clips taken at the panel discussion on the future of evangelicalism.  Panelists include Phyllis Tickle, Tony Jones, Sharon Gallagher, Patrick Provost-Smith, and yours truly.  The panel was moderated by Michael Spencer, aka the Internet Monk.  Some interesting insights.

There are also a series of interview clips with John Perkins, Andrew Marin, Phyllis Tickle, Richard Twiss, etc.  Here’s my chat with John Perkins:

I did an interview with Spencer Burke for In two parts.
Part I and Part II

Crosswalk has printed an interview with me online. See Crosswalk. Interesting comments so far. More defensiveness than any specific critique.

Praxis Podcast interview is now online. An interview with Aaron and DG on their Praxis Podcast. Check it out.


A quick note of explanation: In the last section of the interview Aaron and D.G. do a ten questions bit. For some reason, their first question threw me off: “What is your favorite word.” I hesitated then noticed a book on my desk by the David Claerbaut. I said: “Clairvoyant”. So I’m feeling stupid, because I said that clairvoyant was my favorite word. Now my mind is reeling and I flash to a Steve Coulbert episode where he says that his favorite word is Djibouti — because it’s hard to say that word without giggling. So when the next question is asked: “What is your least favorite word?”. I blurt out “booty” — thinking about Stephen Coulbert saying the word “Djibouti”. So now in a Christian podcast interview talking about my very serious book, The Next Evangelicalism, I’ve used the word booty. Nice going. If my faculty colleagues get a hold of this interview, my tenure application is sunk. 🙂

My friend Ed Gilbreath (author of Reconciliation Blues) and now editor at UMI and at the website has done a long write up about the book. Ed and I go back many years, including his years at Christianity Today, Inc., through his book (where he did a nice write up about the Rickshaw Rally controversy), to his current stint at UMI and Good stuff on the site that you should check out.

Review and interview can be found at: